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Our Programs

Xamaze Tutoring is a well-established educational resource company that is serving families in a form of connecting students with well trained and fully skilled educational expert, caring tutors and educational resources. We provide individualized instruction to students in all subjects and grade levels. In addition to this, we also provide test and homework preparation. We are always available 7 days a week and we welcome ESL and remedial students as well as adult learners. Our teachers speak Chinese, French, Spanish and other languages. Our staff of special educators works with children with learning disabilities and gifted students. Apart from this, we teach test-taking strategies, study skills and organizations skills that are needed to enhance their grades. We encourage our students to attain their full academic potential with a program that is personalized just for them.

  • In Home Tutoring

In home tutoring will greatly benefit students from the convenience of learning in the comfort of their home. Our program will offer students with privacy that can help them to focus and get rid of embarrassment that is associated with learning with other students.

  • Learning Center Tutoring

Our students benefit from one-on-one session or small group in our learning center that is located in La Verne. Our learning center offers admission to our widespread curriculum library, online extended learning exercises, assessment tools and environment beneficial to student learning.

  • Free Tutoring (SES Tutoring)

SES Tutoring stands for Supplemental Educational Services. These are free tutoring services that are available to upsurge the educational achievement of students from low-income families. Tutoring services are provided beyond the regular school day. These are researched-based and support the core academic instruction and content used by the local school. Learning goals and lessons are aligned with the state academic content standards in ELA, mathematics and science.

  • SES Tutoring is eligible to students who are from low-income families and who attend public schools. The School districts are the ones that have the responsibility of recognizing eligible students for SES and we offer parents the opportunity to sign up for our free services.
  • Free tutoring is offered by California Department of Education. They are also the ones who contact the local school district to provide tutoring to eligible students within the district.
  • An SES provider may be any private or public entity that meets the criteria of the state. Private businesses, community-based and faith-based organization, institutions of higher education, educational service agencies, country offices of education, districts, private schools and charter schools are among the types of entities that may apply for approval by the CDE.
  • We, at Xamaze is a state-approved SES provider. We are authorized to provide tutoring K-12 students in Science, English, Mathematics and language arts.
  • We have bilingual teachers who have the ability to help your children to speak English. In addition to this, we can also help them to heighten their confidence, cross-cultural awareness, fluency and accuracy when communicating on a regular basis. Pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary are emphasized to enhance the English proficiency of your child effectively and quickly.
  • Free Education and Career Counseling

We, at Xamaze provides tutoring, high school credit recovery, job training, enrolling in college classes, job placement and many more at no charge to students based on eligibility. Students who will complete this program will receive a Kindle 3 for free. When it comes to our 4-year High School Plans, we offer special education services, transition counseling, study skills sessions, ACT Test Prep, SAT, GED and CAHSEE as well as college advising. Under our Educational Guidance or Personal Counseling services, we offer resource and referral services, student educational records, appropriate educational placement and personal development counseling. With our career counseling, we offer job skills or interest counseling, vocational exploration and school to career counseling.

  • Blended Programs

The ultimate goal of our blended approach is to join the best aspects of both online and face instruction. In addition to convenience and flexibility for students, there is early evidence that blended educational approach can result in increased productivity and outcome gains.

Learning Center Tutoring

We have a sophisticated learning center in La Verne where students learn from one on one or group sessions. We do this to provide students with the best learning environment. Our learning center also provides students with access to our assessment tools, environment conducive to learning, extensive curriculum library and comprehensive learning exercises. You are assured that your child will learn everything with the help of our resources and tutors.

In Home Tutoring

If you want to let your child learn at the comfort of your own home, we can also do that. Through in home tutoring, students can learn with privacy and at their own pace. This way, they can focus on lessons and don’t have to worry about being embarrassed. They don’t need to wake up early just to go to school. Our tutors will come to your house to teach your child. 

Homework Workshops

Our La Verne learning center allows students to drop in or schedule sessions for small group homework assistance. We have instructions for English, Science and Math as well as general preparation for tests for grades 4 to 12.

Home School Programs

Students who are home schooled can also benefit from our subject specific workshops that are designed for standardized test preparation and curriculum development support. Classes are held Monday to Thursday from 10am to 1:30pm.

Sat Prep Classes

Our tutors can help your child prepare for SAT. We offer a comprehensive review of SAT and time management strategies and rigorous subject test instruction. Students will be given an Official College Board Study Guide and take three official practice tests. Xamaze guarantees an increase of 300 points.

Summer Programs

K-4 and 5-8 students can benefit from our 2-grade specific summer programs. It is a fact that the summer months are a crucial time to master subjects from the previous school year as well as prepare for the next school year. Our programs not only teach students, but also assimilate fun activities into learning. Students will learn curriculum based coursework, science experiments, physical activity, music, benchmark mastery testing and arts. Friday nights will be filled with board games and other exciting events.

Computer Classes

Xamaze provides computer classes to teach students important basic and advanced computer and coding skills. You can use one of computers or bring your own. You can also follow your own goals or stick to our lessons. Our tutors will be here to guide you.

Friday Fun Nights

Friday fun nights at held at our La Verne learning center from 6 to 8 pm. Students are invited to attend the event for free. Activities like spelling tournaments, Lego building challenges, Minecraft tournaments, connect 4 challenges, pizza parties and chess tournaments are held.

Sunday Seminars

Parents can attend our Sunday seminars for free. These seminars cover various topics including college planning, common core, bullying, homework tips, nutrition, homeschoolers support, keeping children safe online and more.