The Importance of Teaching Computer Coding to School Aged Children

The Importance of Teaching Computer Coding to School Aged Children

Technology brought a major change to education but whilst the students are learning how to make use of it, they seldom discover the way it works. Today, a rising realization among the educators which this gap should be filled prompts another revolution, in the perception that teaching computer coding to kids would give them a skill for life.

England was the first country in the whole world to make computer programming a mandatory school subject at the entire levels. According to curriculum guidelines, when kids start entering the school at the age of 5 until the time they completed their initial public examinations when they are already 16 years old, they will have to learn computer coding. It includes understanding those simple algorithms all the way to making use of the programming languages to resolve various computational problems.

In the US, it calls for the expansion of computer programming education had combined success. According to, only 1 out of 10 schools in the United States teach kids how to code, despite the forecast indicating that computer-related employment would rise by 22% in 2020, with the highest demands for the software developers.

As said before, children who are studying in England will be taught how to code. After the program, they will be expected to be able to create and also debug simple programs and make use of technology in a safe and respectful manner. They would also be taught about algorithms and they will be helped to understand them. Teachers will explain to them the way these are applied as programs on various digital devices and that those programs are executed through following unambiguous and precise directions.

Once they reach the key stage two, the kids would be taught the right steps in designing and writing programs which will accomplish some specific goals that include simulating and controlling physical systems. They would also be guided to understand and learn more about computer networks and make use of logical reasoning in detecting and correcting mistakes in algorithms. When they are already in the secondary school, the key stage three students will learn something regarding Boolean logic, provided an understanding of the algorithms reflecting computational thinking and then be taught regarding various software and hardware components which make up the computer systems and the way they are communicating with each other and some other systems. The key stage four has been known to be more open, with teachers, students as well as exam boards seemingly provided more freedom on the course’s content and teaching that is centered on attaining higher levels of education as well as a professional job.

Why Teach Computer Coding to Kids?

Children should learn computer coding for the reason that computers as well as the connected devices are things that would shape their globe while they are growing up, just like physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics that shaped many people’s lives. In around 2o years from now, the incapability to code and understand what logic-based thinking is all about to some stage would be like as crippling as innumeracy and illiteracy is these days. It is best to get started in teaching young kids with these skills today before it’s too late.

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