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The Importance of Summer Learning for K-12 Students

The Importance of Summer Learning for K-12 Students

It is summer, finally! This is the most awaited time to have fun with some extra rest as well as recreation. After spending 10 months inside the classroom, doing homework at night and even on during weekends, and memorizing all the lessons for examinations, summer is the right time for kids to reward themselves through playing and having fun with their friends.

Studies show that students especially the young ones could lose up to 2 months of literacy and math skills throughout the summer season. Though summer lesson loss which is also called summer slide is a real-life issue, it does not need to slow down the child at the beginning of the new school year. There are different solutions to resolve this issue and one of these is summer tutoring.

Learning is not limited inside the four corners of the classroom and there is no specific period of the year when it is just applicable. Even the school days are already over, your child still needs to be educated and all the lessons that were previously taught should have a recap. It is where summer tutoring must be considered.

Possibly, the most efficient solution is to attend a summer school. On the other hand, because many summer school programs in the US are remedial, negative perceptions will keep the students who learn at the grade level from discovering and exploring different interesting topics and making some significant academic gains throughout the summer season.

It is unfortunate for the reason that successful students are ending up in cheating themselves. Current research reveals that teens who are attending summer tutoring for personal improvement are more likely to slip into a more competitive university compared to students who have the same academic profiles who do not prefer to spend their vacation in a summer school. When finding a local enrichment program held near you proves challenging, free study courses provide some efficient ways of keeping learning throughout the summer season without restriction to a specific locale.

Enrolling Your Child to a Summer Tutoring Program

One of the most important things that you should consider when it comes to the educational needs of your child is to enroll your child to a summer tutoring program. The internet can help you about it. There are many websites these days that offer a program for summer tutoring. All you have to do is to research and start looking for a website that provides summer tutoring program. You can start by doing a research using the internet. You can also ask for suggestions from your neighborhoods and friends who have a child who is also a K-12 student.

You can also compare the programs available and find out which one is mostly preferred by most parents. Pick the program that will give the best and rewarding experience for your child. Doing so will surely benefit you as a parent, and also your child. So what are you still waiting for? Move and look for the best for your child.

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