We help parents and students maximize their learning experience by providing customized lesson plans designed to their specific needs. Our tutors create and use a goal-based learning plan to teach students in the most effective manner.

Our enrollment director identifies the weaknesses and strengths of the student through the learning style and personality parent questionnaire and assessment test to determine and assign the right tutor for the student.

We use different methods to teach students. Lessons can be taught with student textbooks from your classes or with our curriculum. We can also use a combination of both to make learning more efficient for everyone.

You don’t need to worry about the progress of your child as we will give you progress reports on a monthly or weekly basis. We also conduct benchmark tests to determine and monitor the progress of our students.

At Xamaze, you can expect:

  • Personalized instruction
  • Competent tutors
  • Progress reports
  • Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your program or tutor after the first session, we will find a new tutor for your student and you don’t need to pay anything for the second session. If you’re still not satisfied, we will give you a full reimbursement of all unused hours. You will get your money back, so there’s no risk!   At Xamaze, your satisfaction is our main concern. We are here to provide the quality of education your child deserves.