What subjects do you teach?

Xamaze provides tutoring for all subjects.

What grades do you provide tutoring for?

We tutor all grades, from pre-K through adult.

Where do you hold the tutoring sessions?

Xamaze provides a lot of program options and flexible scheduling. We can tutor at your home, in your office, at our La Verne learning, school or wherever you want. We also have an online tutoring program for those with busy schedules.

What’s your schedule for tutoring?

Our tutors can come at the most convenient time for you. There’s no minimum requirement, but most students meet with their tutors 2 to 3 hours per week.

How much does a tutoring session cost?

We maintain affordable prices. In fact, some of our services are offered for free. Just call us to know the current rates.

Do you provide educational materials?

We believe that every child has a different need. Your tutor will bring materials at your request and if necessary. Some students need extra materials while others use their schoolbooks. If you need extra materials, we have it.

What areas do you provide tutoring services for?

We service most major cities in California. To find a tutor near you, just call us.

Who will your tutor be?

As we work with only the best, you area assured that our tutors are all experienced and knowledgeable in their subject. They are background checked, thoroughly interviewed, examined for proficiency as well as trained in the programs we offer. Our tutors consist of college students and credentialed teachers. We also match the student with the best tutor for him.

When can you start?

If you want to start taking tutoring lessons, just call us at (800)581-8045. We will assign a tutor to you by tomorrow.