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Xamaze is an educational resource firm that aims to provide a collection of educational services. Our goal is to serve the families through giving expert and convenient in-home tutoring which helps the students meet their instant academic goals as well as build attitudes and skills which would make them better students someday.

We are very confident to let everyone know that our company has been growing fast. We are inviting you to join an active organization within the forefront of creating a difference within our community and shaping the futures of the next generation. We hope that you will submit an application and get in touch with us for more information. We invite people who are passionate, and innovative, most especially those who are prepared to delve into a quick-paced environment. We look forward to working with you soon.

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Tutoria Gratis

Qu son los SES (Servicios Educativos Suplementarios)?

Supplemental Educational Services are free tutoring services that are made available recently in order to boost the academic performance of the students from low-income families who study in the public schools which obtain Title I funding and is also chosen as PI or Program Improvement, year 2 and a lot more.

Services free tutoring for the students will be funded by the No Child Left Behind (Title I) program. Tutoring services will be provided following the regular school days, and they will depend on support academic content, research and direction used by a local school. Learning goals and lessons are aligned with the state academic content standards in ELA, mathematics and science.

Quin Es Elegible Para Recibir Estos Servicios?

Eligible students are those who were from families with low income and are attending the public schools as recognized as PI schools in years 02/05. School districts would have the responsibility to recognize students eligible for SES parents & giving the chance to sign up for such free services.

Cmo Puedo Saber Si Mi Hijo Califica Para Los Servicios de SES?

You have to get in touch with the school or the school district in finding out whether your child is qualified for free tutoring.

Quin Ofrece esta Tutora Gratuita?

Free tutoring will be provided by California Department of Education that approved SES providers which contract with a local school district to give tutoring to students who are qualified within the district.

Quin es un SES aprobados por el estado proveedor?

SES provider could be any private or public entity which meets the criteria set by the state for sanction. The public schools which include private schools, charter schools, and county offices, districts, educational service firms, faith-based as well as community-based organizations and the private companies are among the forms of entities which might apply for sanction by the CDE or California Department of Education.

All of the potential suppliers will be subject to the criteria. Charter schools, school districts, and other public schools that aren’t approved providers will be considered automatically. In contrary, the companies could be suppliers, when they meet completely the criteria of CDE. School districts and schools should go over the process of approval for potential suppliers. On the other hand, the schools, which include the school districts and charter schools which have been recognized as PI might not be the SES providers.

Es Xamaze un proveedor de SES aprobados por el estado?

Yes of course. We are approved as a supplier NCLB Supplemental Educational Services Authorized in California to provide tutoring to all students K-12 language arts, mathematics, with English as the 2ns language and/or science.

Aprendices del Idioma Ingls

We do have those bilingual instructors who are able to speak in English as their second language to increase confidence, fluency, accuracy as well as intercultural awareness in their day-to-day communication. Grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary are all emphasized to enhance English proficiency of his or her effective and immediately.


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